Hi, I'm Blake.

I help young adults challenge themselves, feel engaged, and become better self-directed learners.


Blake Boles | Author PortraitI’m an author, educator, adventurer, and entrepreneur who helps young adults become more self-directed.

I’ve published three books, led groups of teenagers across South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Nepal (through my company Unschool Adventures), and appeared on The Huffington Post, USA Today, The New York Times, BBC Travel, and Fox Business.

My big projects for 2015 and beyond include:

At home, I’m a passionate trail runner, backpacker, and traveler. I enjoy living close to the wilderness and getting outside each day.

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Blake Boles is open-minded, interested in everything, courageous, and passionately committed to individual development. I would expect good things to happen for young people who had the good fortune to hang out with Blake for a while.

– John Taylor Gatto
New York State Teacher of the Year

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From the Blog

Amy Milstein, Maya Milstein, and Maddy Platt on Unschooling in NYC

For episode #15 of the Real Education Podcast I interview Amy Milstein (founder of UnschoolingNYC), her 15-year-old daughter Maya (photo on right), and Maya’s friend Maddy (whom she met at Not Back to School Camp).

I discovered Amy online an stayed with her dynamic family in in New York City in 2012. So many unschooling families live in suburban or small-town environments; it’s refreshing to hear the perspective of a family living in the biggest of the big cities! Teenagers will also enjoy hearing about Maya and Maddy’s experiences at camp. Enjoy.

Amy and Maya Milstein, mother and 14-year-old daughter of a New York City unschooling family, and Maddy Platt, their 16-year-old friend from Canada, talk with host Blake Boles about their day-to-day lives as unschoolers, the advantages and disadvantages of unschooling in New York City, and Maya’s and Maddy’s transformative experiences attending Not Back to School Camp.

Visit Amy’s unschooling blag at unschoolingnyc.com.