Announcing a Student Co-op House for ZTC

Living in the Berkeley Student Cooperative houses from age 18 to 21 was a formative experience for me. The “co-ops” offered community, adventure, new friends, great food, great parties, and an alternative lifestyle that gave flavor to the college experience.

I’ve long desired to recreate the co-op living experience and for other young people, and ZTC offers just that opportunity. So in January 2012 I plan to open a student cooperative house in Asheville, North Carolina, which will enroll 4-6 college-skipping young adults.

The purpose of the house is for a small group of ZTC students to come together and support each other, work together on projects, hold each other accountable to their goals, and create a fun-loving community.

You may read more details on, but here’s the concept a nutshell:

Learn more about student co-ops here and here.
Interested in joining the house or contributing to the concept? Drop me a line.
Top photo: Wikicommons (not the actual co-op house—we’re still searching for that)

  • Sean Ritchey

    This is so exciting!

  • Susan Jarquin

    Bravo! I wish I was twenty again. (I never say that)

  • Ackleybooth

    Property: Rented 3- or 4-BR house. Double occupancy rooms.