I’m Writing a New Book!

Big news! My new book will be titled Better Than College: How to Build a Successful Life Without a Four-Year Degree.

I’ve been working on this book (in one fashion or another) since late 2010 when I started the Zero Tuition College blog. In summer 2011 I began working in earnest on the manuscript, and earlier this year I asked 20 friends and associates to give me feedback on the current draft. (They did, and it was excellent.)

Currently I’m working with an editor to tighten up the manuscript, and I’ve begun experimenting with cover design possibilities. (That’s one possibility on the right.) Because professional editing and design services are pricey, I’m raising funds to help cover the up-front costs of the book while giving backers an awesome pre-order deal. Please check out my campaign on IndieGoGo to learn more and contribute!

Thank you for your support, and look forward to more book updates on this blog!