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Ask John Taylor Gatto a Question

My all-time favorite education author, John Taylor Gatto, is soliciting reader questions which he can answer publicly on his blog.

This is an awesome opportunity! The two times that I saw John speak at a conference, he was mobbed by listeners with questions after every session.

If you’d like to ask John a question, follow the guidelines below.

Since his boyhood, John has had eclectic interests; from earliest his recollections he is interested in everything under the sun, but does not claim expertise in everything (if anything!); however, he is interested and willing to render candid opinions in any area one prefers (except medical advice), as long as one agrees to take his response to a question as merely a personal opinion, rendered free of charge or hidden agenda.

Questions must adhere to these four rules:

1. Don’t ask more than one question
2. Don’t ask if you already know the answer
3. Don’t ask him to predict the future
4. Don’t ask rhetorical questions, or use a question to state a position or to be silly; otherwise, ask anything

Send your question, one at a time, to:

To read the response, as well as responses to all questions replied to, visit, where you may also sign up to receive direct emails from John.

Patrick Farenga, the former publisher of Growing Without Schooling magazine, author of multiple books and articles about unschooling, and the long-time promoter of John Holt’s works, has written a great review of my latest book, The Art of Self-Directed Learning. Check it out.

What I’m Doing With My Life (April ’15)

Welcome to the April 2015 edition of What I’m Doing With My Life, where I share personal details of my life for your entertainment and my future recollection!

Where I Am

Boulder, Colorado.

IMG_450661370Illustration by Becky Clough

How I’m Feeling

  • Noticeably better than the winter, thanks to long, warm, sunny days that get me outside
  • Excited for my teen programs and workshops later this year
  • Enthusiastically looking forward to spending the summer in my beloved Sierra Nevada mountains
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What I’m Doing With My Life (March ’15)

Welcome to the March 2015 edition of What I’m Doing With My Life.

Where I Am

Boulder, Colorado (mostly) with a few weeks of leading education workshops in Chicago, Virginia, and L.A.

IMG_0294Chicago ain’t so bad when the snow melts.

How I’m Feeling

Happy for longer, warmer days; Excited for my fall teen program which has tons of applicants; Enjoying the conversations I’ve had in developing a podcast; Still a bit lost and wandering.
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