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News & Banter

ZTC Camp!

Last weekend we ran the first-ever ZTC Camp program in Asheville, NC. With 8 students hailing from across the USA, a crew of guest mentors & speakers, and a jam-packed activity schedule, the program was a great success. Here are a few photos and stories from the weekend. Our group kicked off the program by […]

New Projects!

I just added three new projects to my Projects and Goals page: The ZTC Student Co-op UP Podcast Guidance & Mentoring Those projects PLUS planning new Unschool Adventures PLUS developing the ZTC website PLUS writing another book PLUS having a life is keeping me rather busy! So come say hi at the HSC Conference in […]

The Answer Is Jazz, Not Schooling

You don’t have to always agree with John Taylor Gatto to appreciate his passionate, unique, and well-researched views—all of which are relevant to ZTC. This excerpt from his 2006 article The Richest Man in the World Has Some Advice for Us about College…(P.S. He didn’t take it himself): North American economies dazzled the world for centuries […]

Unschoolers as Illegal Immigrants

Travel and unschooling are natural bedfellows. When you travel—road-tripping across the country with friends, for example—you throw yourself into a situation with few rules, little support, and an essential need for self-directed learning. This is more true if you’re traveling in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language: road-tripping across China, perhaps. And […]

11 Great Reasons to Skip College

Why in the world would you purposefully skip college? Isn’t the value of higher education the one that we can all agree upon, regardless of politics, race, class, gender, shoe size, or whatever? How could everyone be wrong? College today sells itself on a large number of myths and assumptions. Let’s hold these to the […]