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How to Be Interesting

On my recent Unschool Adventures New Zealand trip, I started a list entitled “WAYS TO BE INTERESTING / MAKE FRIENDS / CREATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES”. Being “interesting” is a mysterious characteristic that many people want but no one is exactly sure how to obtain. I was ruminating on this and decided to attempt to create a list of […]

Pay Yourself in Time, Not Money

I’m 33, and last year I earned $30,000. Perhaps that should give me pause. Compared to other male college graduates who make $65,000 around my age—or my peers in tech who make much more—I’m seriously lagging. I’m not that concerned. In fact, I feel utterly rich, because last year I took home another income: 8 […]

What I’m Doing in Guatemala

This summer I found cheap plane tickets to Guatemala, so I decided to spend my January in the city of Xela (a.k.a. Quetzaltenango). When friends ask what I’m doing in Guatemala, my answers include: brushing up on my Spanish with 2 hours a day of one-on-one tutoring working on a new writing project, with fewer distractions than I’d have back in the U.S. […]

2015 in Review

Welcome to my annual year in review post. (Here’s 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011.) 2015 started with what would become a major theme: driving. Beautiful, snowy, desolate Central Utah I found myself becoming very familiar with Interstate 80 and Highway 50 as I drove from California to Colorado and back multiple times this year, and later, all the way to the east coast and […]

What I’ve Learned (and Relearned) About Myself This Year

2015 has been a year of reflection. Here’s what I’ve learned (and relearned) along the way. Work I want to work to live, not live to work. To me, “living” means exploring interesting ideas and complex problems (like those of education), focusing on creative projects (like books), traveling, gaining new skills, enjoying the outdoors, staying connected with old friends, […]