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Launchpad is a three-week virtual workshop that I built for self-directed learners ages 14-21 (homeschoolers, unschoolers, alternative school students, and independent high-schoolers, and those opting not to attend college).

It’s all about productivity, goal-setting, and getting stuff done as a young person with large amounts of both freedom and responsibility. The cost is $100, it’s based on email and Instagram, and you may register and begin at any time.

Read my blog post about Launchpad, and visit Unschool Adventures to learn more & begin now.

The Way of Adventure

The Way of Adventure is a free, self-paced, online course that shares my philosophy of adventure through a series of digital and real-life adventure challenges. Read more about why I created the course.

I made this course purposefully low-tech. No one is yet to complete it. Maybe you could be the first!

Something Big is in the Works

Right now I’m in the research phase for something big… maybe a course built for both parents and teens.

Read this post to smell what’s brewing.