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What I’m Doing Now

Right now I’m visiting friends and family in the U.S. before heading over to Europe again. I’m doing lots of reading, research, and contemplation about my next career move… and a good amount of blues fusion partner dancing.

I just finished running the Unschool Adventures Southeast Asia 2017 trip.

Last updated: December 14, 2017

[this page inspired by Derek Sivers]

New York, NY

2017 Itinerary

Jan: Colombia
Feb-Apr: U.A. Argentina Semester
May: U.K., Norway, Denmark, Germany
June: Spain
July: Lake Tahoe
Aug: U.A. Dance Recess + NBTSC
Sep: Bishop
Early Oct: Germany
Oct-Dec: U.A. Southeast Asia
Late Dec: New England

2018 Itinerary

Jan: Germany
Feb: Eugene
Mar-Apr: California / Colorado
May-July: U.A. Spain + Europe
Aug: California High Sierra
Sep-Nov: Speaking road trip across the U.S.
Dec: TBD

(Here’s where I’ve lived and traveled since graduating college in 2004.)