“The Art of Self-Directed Learning” – Princeton Learning Cooperative 2015 (view all 4 videos)


“What Could You Do With $20,000?” – Ignite Asheville 2012 (I took first place!)


“Alternative Education: Unschooling with Blake Boles” – Webinar hosted by The Optimist, 2015


“Really Good Reasons to Skip College” – Reason TV 2012


Commencement Speech for Graduating Homeschoolers – CHN Family Expo Conference 2014


Hogwarts for Unschoolers – Homeschool+ Online Conference 2014


“How Homeschoolers and Unschoolers Can Face the Future” – HSC Teen Keynote 2013


“Is Traditional Education For You?” – Conversation with Carlos Miceli 2013


“The Unschooling Mindset” – TEDx 2011


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