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Unschool Adventures / New Zealand 2013
Unschool Adventures / Spain 2018
Unschool Adventures / Argentina Semester 2017
Unschool Adventures / New Zealand 2016
Unschool Adventures / Adventure Semester 2015
Unschool Adventures / Nepal 2014

Hi, I’m Blake.

Welcome to my home on the web.

March 2019: A Message About Unschool Adventures

Me in 10 Seconds

I’m an advocate for self-directed learning.

I write, speak, podcast, and build things online.

Since 2008 I’ve taken teenagers on life-changing trips through my company Unschool Adventures.

California native. Heavily traveled. Mountain lover.

Want the longer story? Check out my About page or these interviews:

Upcoming Appearances

Side Projects (all free)

The Way of Adventure (2017): a self-paced online course for budding adventurers

How to Live Nowhere (2017): an online book about nomadic living, written for twenty- and thirty-somethings

Off-Trail Learning (2016): a resource website for teenagers, young adults, and parents considering alternative education

What to Do Instead of School (2016): a PDF compilation of activity suggestions for young adults

The Unschool Adventures Guide to Online Travel Fundraising (2012): a guide to crowdfunding your next travel adventure as a young person


I interview fascinating people from the worlds of alternative and experiential education on my podcast, Off Trail Learning. Find new episodes on iTunesSoundcloud, or your preferred app.

New Videos

In 2018 I published four short original videos about topics close to my heart. View them below or on Facebook.

How Can I Help?

A Few Kind Words

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