Hi, I’m Blake. Welcome to my little corner of the web.

🐿️ In a nutshell

I’m an advocate for self-directed learning who believes that a surprising number of kids don’t need school to become happy, competent, and successful adults.

I write books and host a podcast about alternative education, run travel programs for teenagers, and dream up all sorts of other projects.

39 years old. California native, frequent traveler. Current owner of zero cars & two bicycles.

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💥 Newest projects

A free audio workshop designed for teenagers and their parents

✍️ Recent posts

🌎 Where I am

Munich, Germany

💭 What I’m up to

  • Visiting friends in Europe
  • Organizing my next teen adventure in Mexico + foreign exchanges for teenage self-directed learners.
  • Scheming new programs in Portugal and Patagonia
  • Plotting new bike travel adventures (following my successful fall 2021 European bike adventure)
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❓ About this site

Blake Boles dot com is both a personal and professional site. Enjoy its many nooks and crannies. Write anytime.