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Sierra High Route / 2018
Teen workshop / North Star 2018
Unschool Adventures / Spain 2018
Unschool Adventures / Argentina Semester 2017
Unschool Adventures / New Zealand 2016
Keynote / VaHomeschoolers Conference 2015
Unschool Adventures / Adventure Semester 2015

Hi, I’m Blake.

Welcome to my home on the web.

Me in 10 Seconds

I write, speak, podcast, and build community in the realms of alternative education, self-directed learning, and unschooling.

Since 2008 I’ve organized life-changing trips for teenagers through my company Unschool Adventures.

California native, frequent traveler.

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Recent Podcast Appearances

Unschool Adventures

The Unschool Adventures Round-the-World 2021 trip has 10+ applicants. There’s space for a few more 14- to 19-year-olds to join this adventure of a lifetime!

My Podcast

I interview fascinating people from the worlds of alternative and experiential education on my podcast, Off Trail Learning. Find it on iTunesSoundcloud, Spotify, or your preferred app.

Original Videos

In these four short videos, created in 2018, I expound on topics close to my heart. (Also available on Facebook.)

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