TEDx: The Unschooling Mindset

Here is the TEDx talk that I gave in Palo Alto, CA, on November 20th 2010.

I was upset with the organizers of this event for a number of reasons. They didn’t know the proper length of a TED talk (18 minutes); they didn’t film the presenters in a compelling way (my talk is all PowerPoint! how boring!); they allowed Q&A from the audience during the talks (I stammered as a girl in the front asked me a question mid-way through the presentation); and they failed to post the videos on YouTube with proper title, description, byline, etc. I had to grab this video from YouTube, add my own intro text, and upload it to Vimeo. Very unprofessional. The organizers were a group of teens from the local high school, and I suspect that they were doing this for extra credit–not because they love TED talks.

Nonetheless…enjoy the talk! It’s the first and only TEDx talk about unschooling that I know of.



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