Entrepreneurial Gridlock

My mind is whirling with new projects for the upcoming year.

After deciding toΒ take a break from leading Unschool Adventures trips, I went into ultra-brainstorming mode. The only problem is, I’m not sure where the off-switch is. The result is a sort of entrepreneurial gridlock, with too many ideas competing for limited space & time:

  • a program that trains young adults to be mentors
  • a personal mentoring service that helps teens develop their learning skills
  • a new book with fancy illustrations
  • an online guide to “kicking ass without school”
  • a website where I answer people’s questions about self-directed learning
  • a summer camp for kids deciding not to go back to school in the Fall
  • different iterations of a school-but-not-a-school in Asheville, NC

I asked a number of people whose judgement I trust to help me evaluate some of these ideas, and I received great feedbackβ€”totally in conflict with everyone else’s feedback.


I know that I want to write, teach, and coach. But the specifics? Stuck in traffic.

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