An Update, a Keynote, and a Failure

A few months ago, I had some entrepreneurial gridlock. I’m happy to report that I’ve escaped the traffic.

Here are a few things to expect in 2014:

  • a new book about self-directed learning—compact, punchy, and illustrated
  • a new private coaching service (already launched with one long-term client)
  • exciting new Unschool Adventures trips & programs
  • a TEDx talk
  • …and one more big project (secret for now)

This summer I gave the teen keynote at the HSC Conference in Sacramento, CA. You can now watch it on YouTube. It’s long (1 hour) but worth your time if you’re a young adult home/unschooler thinking about college, work, and making a living.

Finally, a failure. In September I launched What to Do Instead of School, which I planned to run as a daily blog for an entire year. I wrote about a month’s worth of posts—and then I ran out of steam. My posts weren’t getting the kind of response I hoped for, and the passion disappeared. I decided  to jump ship instead of continue pushing forward. So it goes! One more failure on the goal list. (I’m keeping the site up as a sort of mausoleum.)

Photo: my advisee group at Not Back to School Camp 2013, Camp Myrtlewood, Oregon



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