Misha Golfman on Wilderness Semesters

On episode #11 of the Real Education Podcast, I interview a fascinating “old-school” outdoor educator: Misha Golfman, the co-founder (with his wife) of the company Kroka Expeditions.

I discovered Kroka through one of my mentees who signed up for Kroka’s Vermont Semester, a “600-mile circumnavigation of Vermont by backcountry ski, white water canoe, rowboat and mountain bike.” I’d heard rumors of this program while working at Not Back to School Camp in Vermont, and when I learned it was all true, I knew I had to interview the brain behind the operations.

Misha has led a fascinating life that will inspire teachers, outdoor educators, and anyone who loves the wilderness. Enjoy the conversation.

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[Note:Β I just started writing individual blog posts forΒ my podcast episodes. Episodes #1-10 don’t have their own posts.]



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