Amy Milstein, Maya Milstein, and Maddy Platt on Unschooling in NYC

For episode #15 of the Real Education Podcast I interview Amy Milstein (founder of UnschoolingNYC), her 15-year-old daughter Maya (photo on right), and Maya’s friend Maddy (whom she met at Not Back to School Camp).

I discovered Amy online an stayed with her dynamic family in in New York City in 2012. So many unschooling families live in suburban or small-town environments; it’s refreshing to hear the perspective of a family living in the biggest of the big cities! Teenagers will also enjoy hearing about Maya and Maddy’s experiences at camp. Enjoy.

Amy and Maya Milstein, mother and 14-year-old daughter of a New York City unschooling family, and Maddy Platt, their 16-year-old friend from Canada, talk with host Blake Boles about their day-to-day lives as unschoolers, the advantages and disadvantages of unschooling in New York City, and Maya’s and Maddy’s transformative experiences attending Not Back to School Camp.

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