How I Intend to Live

As a positive example to young people.

Staying far away from institutions, bureaucracies, and bullshit jobs.

Frequently immersed in nature, forests, mountains, fresh air, sunshine.

Combining theory and practice. Trafficking in both abstractions and realities.

Captured by no interests. Beholden to no sponsors. No gods, no masters. Free.

Taking seriously the idea of β€œlife as adventure.” Welcoming risk, unpredictability, challenge, setbacks.

With intellectual humility and scientific skepticism. Without fundamentalism of any variety. Long-term rationality over short-term emotionalism.

Loving my work. Making enough money to not worryβ€”and not a cent more. Keeping β€œneeds” and baseline expenditures low. Offering my services to people who are delighted to pay, whom I’m delighted to receive, with full transparency and mutual respect.

Traveling for as long as possible, because I like who I am when I travel: curious, observant, patient, enthusiastic, appreciative.

Actively maintaining friendships, investing in new relationships, and nurturing chance connections.

Gratefully accepting that I cannot β€œhave it all.” This may include: spouse, house, kids.

Remaining child-like. Dancing in public, petting cats on the street, playful, silly.

Open and vulnerable with my dreams, goals, struggles, failures.

Owning my mistakes. Making amends.

Reading and writing, always.

Sharing what I learn.

Ready to die.



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