In Pictures

Here are a few highlights from my life, illustrated with pretty pictures.

Deer Crossing Camp, 2008. I served as both Camp Cook and Deputy Director.

I’ve always loved summer camps: attending them (as a kid) and working at them (intensively in my early twenties, and a little bit ever since).

Two very different camps have influenced my life: Deer Crossing Camp and Not Back to School Camp.

Not Back to School Camp, 2010. With my advisee group.

International travel always held a deep appeal, and soon as I had a little bit of money and freedom, I began exploring.

New Zealand, 2019.

I’ve always loved teaching and educating, but I decided in college that the classroom environment didn’t appeal to me. I gravitated instead toward experiential and outdoor education.

Leading a workshop at Not Back to School Camp, circa 2011.

In 2008, I merged my love for camp, travel, and education into a business, Unschool Adventures, which let me earn a living (however meager) while exploring the world with cool teenagers in tow.

Laying down the law (tongue-in-cheek) with my first Unschool Adventures group in Argentina, 2008.

In my free time, I prioritize spending time outside, using my body, and embarking upon the occasional bigger adventure. I adore wilderness backpacking, especially off-trail trips in the California Sierra Nevada.

Snug as a bug, somewhere in the Sierras. 2009.

Since 2009 I’ve greatly enjoyed trail running. I’ve participated in a few races, but I’m quite content with my regular 6- to 12-mile solo runsβ€”the more elevation change, the better.

On the the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run (55k / 34 miles), 2016.

I have a deep, life-long love for chocolate, perhaps a by-product of an overactive metabolism. (I don’t fight it.)

Eying a chocolate fountain in Bariloche, Argentina, 2008.
Meme created by an anonymous member of my online fan club.

Dance is something I didn’t do much of as a young person. But after discovering Argentine Tango in 2008, I fell in love with partner dancing, took a bunch of classes, and immersed myself in the tango, blues, and fusion dance scenes.

Dancing tango with Karen at NBTSC, 2017.
Fusion dancing in Toulouse, New Year’s Eve 2022 (Photo: Katia Iva)

Books are my constant companions, and writing and public speaking help me develop my thoughts. While I’ve largely focused on alternative education, my interests are widespread, and I love discussing a wide range of topics with friends old and new.

Giving a talk about self-directed learning in Buenos Aires, 2017.

Connecting with others around shared passions, spending lots of time outside, working hard in pursuit of meaningful goals, and making the most of our freedoms and privilegesβ€”that’s what life is all about.

Deer Crossing, 2008.