Adventure Log

This chronological adventure log does not include brief trips, single-day missions, cross-country drives, working at summer camps, and many other adventurous moments.

โ€œUAโ€ designates an Unschool Adventures programโ€”pictures found here.


Attending Deer Crossing Summer Camp as a camper. Highlights: windsurfing & backpacking trips.


Homestay in Chile & snowboarding at Termas de Chillan, 5 weeks.


Solo backpacking in the High Sierra (Mineral King), 3 days.

Snowboarding trip to Whistler-Blackcomb with Bryan, 1 week.


Volunteer backcountry ranger in the Trinity Alps, 1 week.

Western Europe hostel-backpacking trip with high school friends, 5 weeks.

Snowboarding trip to Big White with Bryan, 1 week.


Pacific Crest Trail (Mexican border to Interstate 10), 2 weeks. (trail journal)

John Muir Trail (Tuolumne Meadows to Bishop Pass), 9 days.


Pacific Crest Trail trip (Southern California, Section E) with Morgan, 4 days. (pics)


South America (Peru, Bolivia, Argentina), 3 months.ย (blog:ย 1/2/3)


UA Argentina, 6 weeks.


High Sierra backpacking (Hoover Wilderness) with Cameron, David, and Julie, 6 days. (pics)

UA Writing Retreat (Oregon), 4 weeks.


UA Australia, 7 weeks.

New Zealand, 3 weeks. (pics)

UA Spring Retreat (Oregon), 2 weeks.

UA Fall Retreat (Oregon), 6 weeks.

Guatemala tree climbing with Jim, Vince, and Julie, 10 days.


UA South America (Argentina, Chile, Peru), 7 weeks.

India with Brenna, 5 weeks. (pics)

High Sierra backpacking (Mammoth) with Vince, 4 days. (pics)

UA Writing Retreat (Colorado), 4 weeks.


UA Argentina, 4 weeks.

UA Writing Retreat (Massachusetts), 4 weeks.


UA New Zealand, 6 weeks.

Peru with Brenna, 4 weeks. (pics)

UA Trailblazer (North Carolina), 1 week.

High Sierra backpacking (John Muir Wilderness) with Vince, Roy, Julie, and Brenna, 3 days. (pics)


Amsterdam & Madrid, 4 weeks. (pics)

UA Buenos Aires Tango, 4 weeks.

UA Nepal, 6 weeks.


Lost Coast backpacking, 3 days.

Sierra High Route backpacking with Matt, Morgan, and Julie, 5 days. (pics)

UA Adventure Semester, 10 weeks. (pics / website)


Mexico (Oaxaca) and Guatemala (Xela), 4 weeks.

UA New Zealand, 6 weeks. (pics)

Buenos Aires, 5 weeks.

Yosemite backpacking with Dana, 3 days. (pics)

Kings Canyon High Route with Julie and Fred, 5 days. (trip report)


Colombia (Medellรญn) with Julie, 3 weeks.

UA Argentina Semester, 12 weeks. (pics)

UA Dance Recess, 1 week. (pics)

Europe (UK, Norway w/ Ingmar, Denmark w/ Liam, Barcelona w/ Matt) + Camino del Norte / Camino Primitivo hike, 5 weeks. (pics)

Germany with Sarah, 2 weeks.

UA Southeast Asia, 7 weeks. (pics)


UA Spain, 6 weeks. (pics)

Germany with Sarah, 2 months.

Sierra High Route, 2 weeks. (trip report)


Te Araroa trail, 8 days. (pics)

New Zealand, 4 months. (pics)

Green River rafting/dancing trip, 4 days.

Southern Sierra High Route with Julie, 5 days. (trip report)

French Alps with Fred, 3 days.

Nepal with Sarah, 4 weeks. (trip report)


Eastern/Southern US bike tour, 6 weeks. (trip report)

Desolation Wilderness with Julie and Vince, 3 days.

Germany-Switzerland-Austria bike tour, 2 weeks.

Trail running in French alps with Fred, 2 days.


Brazil, 1 month.

The Arizona Trail & canyon country, 1 month.

Domelands, 2 days.

The Tahoe Rim Trail, 8 days.