Small groups change every week at the Adventure Semester.

Week One

  • Group A: Catherine, Oscar, Jill, Dave, Sage
  • Group B: Ben, G, Spencer, Lily J, Micayla
  • Group C: Joey, Jack, Katie M, Aubrie, Midge
  • Group D: Joe, Elan, Max A, Seraya
  • Group E: Lily G, Max C, Katie B, Kieran

Week Two

  • Group A: Lily J, Katie M, Katie B, Catherine, Lily G
  • Group B: Ben, Joey, Oscar, Max A
  • Group C: Jack, G, Jill, Max C, Seraya
  • Group D: Aubrie, Spencer, Dave, Kieran, Joe
  • Group E: Midge, Micayla, Sage, Elan

Week Three (2-day challenges)

  • Mountain Climbing: Katie M, Jack, Kieran, Max C, Joe
  • Muraling: Lily, Aubrie, Lily G, G, Sage
  • 48-Hour Theater: Joey, Spencer, Katie B, Micayla
  • Minimalist Camping: Ben, Seraya, Elan, Oscar, Max A
  • Food: Midge, Dave, Jill, Catherine
  • Screenprinting: Aubrie, Ben, Lily J, Oscar, Jill
  • Couch Rescue: Lily G, Jack, Micayla, Max C
  • Planning a Prom: Sage, Max A, Katie B, Katie M
  • Making a Horror Film: Elan, Joey, Catherine, Spencer, Kieran
  • Food: Midge, Seraya, G, Dave, Joe

Week Four

  • Group A: Joey, G, Dave, Max C, Ben
  • Group B: Jack, Spencer, Lily J, Katie B, Max A
  • Group C: Katie M, Oscar, Micayla, Seraya
  • Group D: Aubrie, Elan, Catherine, Joe
  • Group E: Midge, Lily G, Kieran, Sage, Jill

Week Five (individual self-design)

[no groups]

Week Six

  • Group A: Jack, Sage, Aubrie, Micayla
  • Group B: Elan, Spencer, Midge, Pop, Max C
  • Group C: Ben, Kieran , Katie M, Catherine, Max A
  • Group D: Joey, Joe, Dave, Jill
  • Group E: Lily J, Seraya, Oscar, G, Katie B.

Week Seven

  • Group A: Sage, Midge, Oscar, Max C, Catherine, Max A
  • Group B: Jack, Kieran, Elan, Seraya, Joey, Lily
  • Group C: Spencer, Joe, Jill, Katie B, Katie M
  • Group D: Dave, Ben, Pop, Aubrie, Gabriella, Micayla

Week Eight (2-day challenges)

  • Swing Dancing: Seraya, Max A, Kieran, Dave
  • D.I.Y. Road Trip: Katie M, Sage, Max C
  • Art of Letting Go: G, Lily J, Elan, Aubrie
  • Engineering: Midge, Oscar, Jack
  • One Paperclip: Spencer, Joey, Joe, Micayla
  • Food: Pop, Catherine, Jill, Ben

2-day group-designed challenges:

  • Yearbook Club: Midge, Ben, Joe, Katie M, Lily J
  • Locked In: Jack, Spencer, Catherine, Seraya
  • Piglimarige: Katie B, Oscar, Dave, Micayla
  • Movie Review: Joey, Pop, Max A, Max C
  • Food: Gabriella, Kieran, Jill, Elan

Week Nine (individual self-design)

[no groups]