Trip Goals

Our trip will be a fun and safe 6-week journey through Argentina, appropriate for first-time international travelers.

Just as unschooling is a more organic approach to education than traditional schooling, our trip will provide a more authentic international experience than typical tourism. Think of it as un-travel.

The main goal of the trip is to create independent travelers. Each student will walk away with the tools, attitudes, and experience necessary to lead their own future international trips.

We'll accomplish this by splitting the trip into three phases. Each phase will take students a step closer to becoming a fuller participant in travel and less a mere observer (tourist):

  • Phase 1: Introduction. Structured and guide-led. (2 weeks)
    Language study, home stay, reading Argentine & South American History, & short excursions. Location: Bariloche (Northern Patagonia).
  • Phase 2: Exploration. Unstructured and student-led. (2 weeks)
    Students choose travel destinations and arrange housing, transportation, food, and activities using a set budget. Location: Various destinations across Argentina.
  • Phase 3: Immersion. Semi-structured and co-led. (2 weeks)
    Pursue both individual and group interest-based research projects, building relationships with local professionals. Practice Tango. Explore. Location: Buenos Aires.

(Please see the Itinerary page for more travel details)

Upon returning to the states, students will have gained the heightened sense of confidence, independence, and intellectual curiosity that naturally arises from authentic international travel.


In addition to becoming independent travelers, students should expect to:

  • Make large improvements in their Spanish speaking, writing, and comprehension abilities
  • Build strong friendships with the other teenage unschoolers in our group
  • Experience Latin American culture and see some of the most beautiful places in South America
  • Challenge themselves physically, culturally, and socially, and intellectually every day


Parents may expect to:

  • Maintain weekly or daily contact with students via e-mail (internet cafes abound in Argentina)
  • Maintain emergency contact with students via trip leaders' international cell phone
  • Rest assured that student safety is the number one priority in all decisions. Students will always explore in small groups, carry an emergency pouch, and travel only in areas with adequate medical facilities.
  • See their investment in the trip returned multiple times over in their teens' increased confidence, independence, and intellectual curiosity


Why a Trip for Unschoolers?


  1. Unschoolers are hungry for learning
  2. International travel is the oldest and best form of intensive, multi-dimensional learning
  3. Unschoolers (and non-traditional students in general) benefit from the freedom to schedule travel in the non-peak seasons, advantageous for both prices and seeking authentic culture

"Why not a trip for unschoolers?" is the real question! We're proud to be the first international trip offered exclusively for unschoolers and the exclusively for the purpose of building independent travel skills.


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