Trip Leaders

Blake and Abbi, your trip leaders, are current and former advisors at Grace Llewellyn's Not Back to School Camp for unschooling teens. Each has traveled extensively and independently. Safety is their paramount concern on any international trip.


Blake Boles, 25

Blake first traveled abroad as a 13-year-old doing a month-long homestay in Chile. Since then he has traveled widely across North America and Europe, and in 2007 he spent three months trekking in Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.

Certified as a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician by NOLS WMI, Blake is trained to deal with emergency situations in both urban and remote locations.

Blake has worked at Deer Crossing Summer Camp for five years as an instructor, backcountry trip leader, Assistant Director, and the acting Director. He has also advised at Not Back to School Camp for teenage unschoolers since 2006.

Half-way through an Astrophysics major at UC Berkeley, Blake discovered unschooling through John Taylor Gatto and Grace Llewellyn's Teenage Liberation Handbook. He immediately rearranged his major to study education theory exclusively, graduating with honors two years later.

Currently, Blake is finishing a book (College Without High School, a guidebook for college-bound unschoolers). In 2008 he formed a company, Unschool Adventures LLC, to make the Argentina trip possible.

Top photo: Vanessa Davidson




Abbi Miller, 23

An adventuring unschooler since age 8, Abbi is an experienced and passionate traveler whose industrious curiosity has taken her across Europe and to 44 of the 50 United States. As a professional actress, she flew around the world in 2006 performing with the international tour of GREASE, making stops in South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

When she isn't jet setting, you'll find Abbi upside down on a yoga mat. This spring she fueled her insatiable love for yoga by completing her Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Certification in New York City.

Her partiality to the wonderful world of alternative education led Abbi to attend Not Back to School Camp in '01-'02. She was instantly smitten, fascinated by the unbound creativity and infectious inspiration running rampant in teenage unschoolers. This fall will be her third year on staff.

Abbi is thrilled to be co-leading unschoolers in an overseas adventure. She is a believer that you learn by doing and there's no better time to travel than the present.


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