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College Without High School audiobook now available

College Without High School is now available in audio, published by Post Hypnotic Press. I’m very happy with the reading quality. Buy a copy from Post Hypnotic for the best price & fewest middle-man cuts. The audiobook is also available on Audible, ready for those Audible credits! Woo-hoo!

11 Great Reasons to Skip College (and Build Your Own Alternative)

Why in the world would you purposefully skip college? Isn’t the value of higher education the one that we can all agree upon, regardless of politics, race, class, gender, shoe size, or whatever? How could everyone be wrong? College today sells itself on a large number of myths and assumptions. Let’s hold these to the […]

Good Work & Self-Directed Learning 2.0

What is “Good Work?” Stanford entrepreneurship and Design School professor Tina Seelig broke down “good work” into three simple ingredients that I’ve admired and passed on to innumerable young adults: Passion, Skill, and Market. Passion means that the work is something you love—something you would do for its own sake. Skill means something that you […]

Interview with Peter Kowalke

Here’s a recent interview with Peter Kowalke of where I discuss the ideas behind Zero Tuition College: Peter asked some great questions. 45 minutes long. Enjoy!

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