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Good Work & Self-Directed Learning 2.0

What is “Good Work?” Stanford entrepreneurship and Design School professor Tina Seelig broke down “good work” into three simple ingredients that I’ve admired and passed on to innumerable young adults: Passion, Skill, and Market. Passion means that the work is something you love—something you would do for its own sake. Skill means something that you […]

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Help Build the ZTC Website

I’m fund-raising for my Zero Tuition College project through a crowdsourcing website, IndieGoGo. Please check out the campaign and pass it on!

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Interview with Peter Kowalke

Here’s a recent interview with Peter Kowalke of where I discuss the ideas behind Zero Tuition College: Peter asked some great questions. 45 minutes long. Enjoy!

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TEDx: The Unschooling Mindset

Here is the TEDx talk that I gave in Palo Alto, CA, on November 20th 2010. I was upset with the organizers of this event for a number of reasons. They didn’t know the proper length of a TED talk (18 minutes); they didn’t film the presenters in a compelling way (my talk is all […]

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Letter from the Cayman Islands

A reader writes me from the Cayman Islands: Hello Blake! My name is Harrison, a 16 year old kid who happens to take a lot of photos, read lots of interesting books, skateboard with a lack of skill, strum a guitar, and keep his mind flowing with questions, thoughts, and conversations. Hope you can at […]

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My TEDx Talk: The Unschooling Mindset

[Originally posted at:] Here’s a transcript of the talk that I’ll give on Nov 20, 2010 at TEDxYouthPaloAlto. 18 minutes…first TED talk about unschooling…being filmed…no pressure!! — So there I was in college, studying astronomy and physics with big hopes of becoming a high school science teacher, when a friend handed me a book by […]

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