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TEDx: The Unschooling Mindset

Here is the TEDx talk that I gave in Palo Alto, CA, on November 20th 2010. I was upset with the organizers of this event for a number of reasons. They didn’t know the proper length of a TED talk (18 minutes); they didn’t film the presenters in a compelling way (my talk is all […]

Letter from the Cayman Islands

A reader writes me from the Cayman Islands: Hello Blake! My name is Harrison, a 16 year old kid who happens to take a lot of photos, read lots of interesting books, skateboard with a lack of skill, strum a guitar, and keep his mind flowing with questions, thoughts, and conversations. Hope you can at […]

My TEDx Talk: The Unschooling Mindset

[Originally posted at:] Here’s a transcript of the talk that I’ll give on Nov 20, 2010 at TEDxYouthPaloAlto. 18 minutes…first TED talk about unschooling…being filmed…no pressure!! — So there I was in college, studying astronomy and physics with big hopes of becoming a high school science teacher, when a friend handed me a book by […]

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