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Announcing Trailblazer

I’m excited to announce a big new event that I’ve created for self-directed learners ages 18-22+: The Trailblazer Gathering. The mission of Trailblazer is to provide community, direction, and inspiration to college-aged self-directed learners—whether or not they’re going to college. You can read a little more about why I created this event. I’d love your help spreading the […]

Grown Unschoolers Need Community, Too

I’m constantly amazed by the community and support networks available to teenage unschoolers. For grown unschoolers, it’s a different story. As a teen, you’ve got summer camps (NBTSC, ETUSC), conferences (LIG, NEUC, HSC + more), regional resource centers and free schools (like North Star in MA, Tall Grass in IL, or Open Connections in PA), and tons of […]

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