Dance Connection Workshops

I had a wonderful time in Blake’s fusion workshops. He made it playful, interesting, connecting, open for everyone, challenging and so funny. Most importantly, I finally had the opportunity to reflect on many things about social dancing. I had been thinking about this stuff almost alone ’til now, and I was so happy to finally get it “for real.” I had been looking for this kind of dance workshop for a very long time.
โ€”Myriam, Freiburg

I will continue to offer my “dance connection” workshops in Europe in 2024. This series is appropriate for partner dance communities (especially “fusion” and adjacent styles) that want to get to deepen their interpersonal bonds and remember what matters most in danceโ€”connection! There is no technical dance instruction, so the workshop is appropriate for all levels (beyond absolute beginners).

The first series I ran was in Freiburg, Germany, in Dec 2023. Here was the flow of that weekend:

Friday night: Microfusion Taster (1 hour)
Join us to learn (or refresh) the basics of microfusion: a subtle and intimate style of fusion dancing in which you may not lift your feet for an entire song.

(Friday night social dance)

Saturday Workshop #1: Connection and Attention (2 hours)
What do we mean when we talk about โ€œconnectionโ€ in fusion dance? How can we prioritize connection instead of worrying about looking good or โ€œperformance?โ€ Join this workshop for a series of exercises that will focus your attention, help you see your dance partners more deeply, and create playful, magic moments.

Saturday Workshop #2: The Dance Before the Dance (2 hours)
Beginning a dance with the right mindset can make all the difference. In this workshop weโ€™ll dive into the nitty-gritty of what happens before we ever take a single step with a new partner, including music awareness, body language, partner choice, role determination, and the initial embrace.

(Saturday night social dance)

By removing the microfusion taster, the workshops would easily fit into one day.


  • 15-30 participants
  • Dance studio (or other appropriate space) with sound system
  • Writing tools (whiteboard, flipchart, or mirror markers)

Instructor Bio
Blake Boles ( creates immersive travel programs and interactive workshops for young people in North America and beyond. He has danced fusion since 2016, recently began DJing, and thinks constantly about “connection.”