Mentorship (2023) – Appeals

Unsatisfied with Blake’s decision? Follow these steps to appeal your rejection.

1) Use ChatGPT to generate a fake email correspondence in which you convince me to mentor you by telling a heart-wrenching story about how you temporarily turned into a werewolf at age 13. Take a screenshot of the results.

2) Send an email to a total stranger in which you make a small but reasonable request for their time, e.g., to ask some questions or get their feedback on something you’re working on. This should be totally serious and related to a genuine interest/project of yours. (Guidance here and here.) Take a screenshot of the email you send, and if you receive a response, take a screenshot of that too.

3) Take a look at the Unschool Adventures Berlin 2023 page (which I created) and make one truthful, critical, negative judgement about the trip (its purpose, how we’re going about it, how it’s marketed, how it’s explained). Write this judgement in one short, brutally honest (but still respectful) paragraph.

Submit your appeal via email (screenshots + paragraph) no later than Dec 31, 2022.