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What I’m Doing Now

Right now I’m on the west coast, giving talks at alternative schools, running a teen workshop for The Hive, developing a new online business, and trail running and partner dancing whenever I can.

My next big move will include running the Unschool Adventures Spain 2018 trip and spending my summer in Germany.

Last updated: February 8, 2018.

[this page inspired by Derek Sivers]

Ashland, Oregon

2018 Itinerary

Jan: Germany
Feb: Oregon
Mar-Apr: California + Colorado
May-July: U.A. Spain + Europe
Aug: deep in the California High Sierra
Sep-Nov: Speaking road trip in the eastern U.S.
Dec: TBD

2017 Itinerary

Jan: Colombia
Feb-Apr: U.A. Argentina Semester
May: U.K., Norway, Denmark, Germany
June: Spain
July: Lake Tahoe
Aug: U.A. Dance Recess + NBTSC
Sep: Bishop
Early Oct: Germany
Oct-Dec: U.A. Southeast Asia
Late Dec: New England

(Here’s where I’ve lived and traveled since graduating college in 2004.)