Bay Area Ridge Trail 2023

Welcome to the logistics page for my Bay Area Ridge Trail hike in June 2023.

Read the backstory of how I decided to hike this (yet-incomplete) trail.

I’m hiking counter-clockwise around the bay. Scroll down for my itinerary.

Click here for an interactive map of my (approximate) route

Confirmed Itinerary

  • Tuesday June 6: San Francisco
  • Wednesday June 7: Pacifica
  • Thursday June 8: Redwood City
  • Friday June 9: Black Mountain Backpack Camp
  • Saturday June 10: Los Gatos
  • Sunday June 11: South San Jose
  • Monday June 12: South San Jose
  • Tuesday June 12: Milpitas

Predicted Itinerary

  • June 13-14: Fremont/San Leandro
  • June 15-20: East Bay (many friends to see!)
  • June 21-23: North Bay
  • June 24-27: Marin
  • June 28: San Francisco (end)

Want to host me for a night?

I’ve got many planned stops along my route, but there are still gaps. If you’d like to host me, I’d love to share stories + a dinner with you! Reach out via

If you don’t know me personally, check out the references on my Couchsurfing profile to see whether I’m a trustworthy guy. (Spoiler alert: I am.)