How to Find Yourself in South America

I’m working on a new book!

(Shhh, it’s a secret.)

If you’ve found this page, I probably want to interview you.

And you probably want to learn more before getting involved.

So, here’s the basic idea.

  • It’s not a travel guidebook. (The world has plenty of those already.)
  • It’s not a travel memoir.
  • It’s not even specific to South America,ย despite the title.
  • It’s a guide to the mental and emotional journey of solo foreign travel.
  • It’s about the education that travel offersโ€”the perspectives, the challenges, the growthโ€”and how to take full advantage of this education.
  • It’s the book I wish I had before my first trip to South America at age 24.

Who am I writing this for?

  • The 19-year-old German who’s seeing the world for the first time.
  • The 22-year-old American who’s taking a break between college and career.
  • The 25-year-old Australian who feels truly lost and confused.
  • The 27-year-old French who just had a big breakup.
  • The 29-year-old Brit who thought she’d have more of a life plan by now.
  • The 33-year-old Canadian who can’t seem to “settle down.”

Broadly speaking, it’s a book for twenty-somethings who are trying to “find themselves” through long-term travel.

Will you share your story?

Stories bring books to lifeโ€”and I need lots of them.

If you are planning a South American adventure, currently in the middle of your trip, orย completed a trip in the past few years, I’d love to hear from you.

We can communicate via email, audio, or videoโ€”whichever you prefer.

Thanks for your consideration!


cover mock-up