On-the-fly updates

Last update: Jan 23

Why now?

After 15 years of continuous work (2005-2020), the time feels right.

Without a doubt, I’ve enjoyed these 1.5 decades. My life has been filled with summer camps, international trips, writing about topics I’m passionate about, speaking for motivated audiences, and lots of personal adventures. I’m neither hyper-stressed nor burnt out. Yet it still feels important to pause and consider what comes next.

2021 also feels right because I just finished a few major projectsβ€”publishing the best book I’ve ever written and running a 12-week microschoolβ€”and because the pandemic is keeping Unschool Adventures on ice.

More details in this 8-minute podcast episode:

What’s the plan?

  • Lots of reading, writing, and time in nature
  • Saying “no” to most requests (unless it’s a hell yeah)
  • Scouting for a possible “winter summer camp”Β (details)
  • Less digital chain-smoking (i.e. news, email, social media)

What’s a sabbatical?

A sabbatical is an extended period of time without paid workβ€”but it’s more than just a vacation.

The earliest version of idea derives from the Sabbath: taking a break from fieldwork every seventh year to let one’s land heal. College professors have classically taken sabbaticals every seven years. Today, lots of adults take sabbaticals, which they may also call “gap years” or “mini-retirements.”

This great article explains the concept and offers advice for planning your own sabbatical.