About This Website

Tell me more about this website, Blake.

Well, if you insist.

This is a self-hosted WordPress site running an open-source theme, Nineteen Quirky, which I modified for my nefarious purposes.

My host is Varial Hosting in Canada, which I’ve used ever since registering this domain in 2003.

What happened to the previous BlakeBoles.com? It was so pretty.

Pretty, yesβ€”but too bloated.

What’s up with the theme? It feels a bit retro.

That’s by design! I wanted something that represented the innocent Geocities days of the 90’s, with a modern responsive framework.

Shouldn’t you have a Privacy Policy or something?

Should I?

What has your site looked like in the past?

So glad you asked!

circa 2017
circa 2016
circa 2014
circa 2012
circa 2011
circa 2010
circa 2009
circa 2005