Flores Chillin’

maxin relaxin shooting some b-ball outside of school…eh…okay, that Fresh Prince of Bel Air reference failed. Anyways, today we had a super relaxing day touristy Flores and less touristy Santa Elena (next town over).

Highlights included:

Walking tour of Flores

Helping Vince find a zapataria (since his shoes were “stolen” upon arrival, a.k.a. forgotten at home)

Exploring the bustling Santa Elena market

Taking a tuk-tuk taxi back to Flores (see Julie in the mirror)

Hanging out and eating at a Mayan restaurant (Jim drew a figure out of a German-language Mayan ruins photobook)

…and enjoying a happy hour by the lake. No photos for that!

Tomorrow we meet our guide Walfre at 6am to head out for a 9-day expedition to El Mirador. I’ll catch up on blogging (and postdate my entries) on Dec 8th. Saludos!

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