Bife and Blogs

Julie took the day off to go bike around a peninsula, so today was a lot of solo trip leading for me. I changed dollars (both into Argentine pesos and Chilean pesos), bought pastries for snacks, took lunchtime sandwich orders, and answered business e-mails. Before lunch I snapped a few shots of one of the student classes playing Spanish hangman.

Jalen entered the hangman’s letters.

Aren’t they a photogenic group? (Teacher on the far left)

The other students gang-petted the school’s cat.

After lunch #1, I convinced half the students to join me for lunch #2 at El Boliche de Alberto, where I’ve been eating once per day to keep la fiebre away. Here’s Wyatt being very civil with his bife de lomo.

Quinn had a love affair with his.

Quinn also loves to engage me in political debate. I acquiesce. He’s a quick study and talented debater.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the internet cafe, where the students caught up on blogging. I later caught up on their catching up, and they have some really quality blogs. Both in photos and writing. I recommend that you check them out here:


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