You Can’t Slick the Slicker

Thursday March 3rd-

[OKAY SO, it’s actually March 14th today. This is the farthest that I’ve been behind on my blog, but I’m determined to catch up.]

The highlight of this morning was tricking not one, not two, but THREE of the students into owing me a frappucino!

I did a classic card trick where they cut the deck, look at a card, put it back in the middle of the deck, and then I flip through the cards and tell them that I’m using my psychic powers to determine when the card is near. I purposefully flip past their card, play dumb, and tell them that the next card I’m going to flip over is theirs. I then get them to bet against this proposal, and then I crush their dreams by flipping over their card from the pile of discards.

Kina and Benji were the first to bet against me (a frappucino each), and Claire later did the same. Here’s me cashing in on my sweet victory with Claire.

On another sugary note, Inca Kola is the official soda of Peru. It tastes like a cross between bubble gum and vanilla cream.

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