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More than 15,000 total copies sold (as of 2019).

New book, coming June 2020: Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids to School?

The Art of Self-Directed Learning

Independently published in 2014

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Better Than College

Independently published in 2012

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College Without High School

Published by New Society Publishers in 2009

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2019 in Review

Welcome to my annual year-in-review post, in which I answer the question: “Where exactly have you been the past 12 months, Blake?” Jan-Apr: New Zealand Late in 2018 I made my way to New Zealand with the intention of doing a month-long hike on the Te Araroa. I loved the trail (pics) but ended up […]

The Cherrypicking Caveat

How should we interpret stories and research about self-directed and alternatively educated young people? Consider the following true story. Talita Paolini trained and worked as a Montessori preschool teacher. She and her husband, Kenneth, encouraged her son and daughter to read early, which they both did, till one day her son announced: “I hate to […]

On the Kerouacian Lifestyle

At 18, I read On the Road. Like so many before, Kerouac’s novel instantly inspired me. The frenetic cross-country travel, the wild friends, the wilder adventures, and Kerouac’s bottomless passion were powerfully attractive forces to a young man raised in suburbia. I soon devoured Kerouac’s second most popular novel, The Dharma Bums, which I found […]

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