McLeod Ganj is SWEET

April 10th, 2011-

The rest of India: hot, flat, smoggy, noisy, everyone trying to sell you something.

McLeod Ganj: cool, mountainous, clear, quiet, no hard selling.

Double room with private bathroom: 400 rupees ($9).

Cafes with free wi-fi: EVERYWHERE.

Tibetan monks: EVERYWHERE.

Ex-pat hippy factor: minimal.

Lovin’ it. Tomorrow we start looking for volunteering opportunities (probably teaching conversational English) with the Tibetan refugee crowd.

One thought on “McLeod Ganj is SWEET

  1. Kelli Traaseth

    I’m sooo jealous right now! Would love to make it to McLeod Ganj some day 🙂 so glad you and Brenna are blogging about your trip, we’re really enjoying reading about it! Hugs to you and Brenna!


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