Silver Masturbating Monkey Charm

April 19th, 2011-

Today we shopped. Brenna bought some nice gifts which she doesn’t want me to reveal by posting photos on the blog. So instead, I bring you…

The silver masturbating monkey charm.

For a mere Rs.1500 ($32), you too can own this fine piece of Indian handicraft.

Yes, the arm moves. Just twist the pin under the opposing armpit.

(No, I didn’t get it for anyone. The monkey was too rich for my blood. And too saucy.)

In other news, it rained.

Hike to Triund

April 18th, 2011-

Today is hike day! We set out for the mountain village of “Triund,” not quite sure where we were supposed to go. We eventually got (most of the way) there.

Two canine amigos joined us for much of the early hike.

A sweeping view of the Kangra Valley below McLeod Ganj.

Brenna and I reached a tea shop en route to Triund when the weather started looking iffy. We decided to turn around there. (We also wanted to make it back in time for English class volunteering at 4pm.) You can see our starting place in the cluster of white houses below.

On the way home we discovered a shortcut thanks to the help of a Hungarian windsurfer and Russian yoga teacher. Our same two canine friends found us and escorted us back down!

After volunteering, we finally got a chance to see Black Swan in the underground pirate movie theater. As you can see, the house was packed. One of the seats up front smelled like vomit. And every 20 seconds, the volume would cut out for 1-2 seconds. But for $3, we didn’t complain too much.

Power Down

April 17th, 2011-

Every morning, the street-side shopkeepers unpack and hang up their wares. And every evening, they take them down and pack them away again. 7 days a weeks, over and over again.

I, the tourist, watch from my cafe window with an omelette and toast.

Later, I go to the local pirate movie theater to watch The Black Swan, but the electricity in the entire town goes out. No one has power except for a few restaurants with generators. Alas!