More Details on the ZTC Co-op House

After a month of chatting up Not Back to School Campers & staffers about what an awesome group house for young adult unschoolers might look like, I’m proud to announce a full set of details about the ZTC Co-op! If you’re interested in joining—or you know someone who would be interested–or you’re just interested—please check it out!

The ZTC Co-op will run from January-June 2012 in Asheville, North Carolina. It will be for young adult (ages 18-26+) self-directed learners, cooperatively run, and community-focused. The price—unlike the previous estimate of $750—will only be $550-600/mo for rent, food, utilities, and group activities.

Also, don’t miss the 3-day ZTC Camp program that’s happening in Asheville on Oct 13-16. It’s a great opportunity to learn how ZTC works, check out Asheville, and meet other potential members of the co-op house. New price: $199 (run by Unschool Adventures).

Top photo: Asheville skyline 





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