Success Is…

Wearing comfortable clothing every day.

Working with people you admire and respect.

Working for your pay, but not worrying constantly about money.

Learning something new every day.

Meeting someone new and interesting every week.

Receiving unsolicited positive feedback.

Being part of a larger movement toward a greater good.

Feeling self-reliant.

Getting better at a craft and seeing evidence of that improvement.

Waking up at a time of your choosing.

Seeing enough of the world to feel like there’s nowhere you need to β€œescape” to.

Having friends and family who sincerely want you to visit.

Not needing to find a β€œwork/life balance.”

Finding moments of total engagement, a.k.a. β€œflow.”

Breathing fresh air, drinking clean water, and sleeping enough.

Having work that supports your values, and vice-versa.

Freedom from addiction.

Understanding at least a few of the world’s mysteries.

Feeling ready to die when that day must come.





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