The Unschool Adventures Guide to Online Travel Fundraising

UA Guide to Online Travel Fundraising

My new e-book, The Unschool Adventures Guide to Online Travel Fundraising, is nowย live!

Here’s a bit about the guide:

Do you dream of exploring India, biking across the United States, backpacking Europe, or taking a gap yearโ€”but money is a big issue? In this concise book, Blake Boles cuts to the chase, explaining what you need to know and do to run a successful travel fundraising campaign on the website

You’ll learn:

– how to evaluate whether you’re ready to start a campaign
– why to think of yourself as an entrepreneur, not a charity
– crowdfunding basics, such as setting goals and campaign time limits
– the keys to an effective campaign: the pitch and the perks
– how to choose the best funding model for your campaign
– smart and ethical campaign promotion techniques

Think you can just decide to take a trip, create an Indiegogo campaign, and watch the money pour in? Think again. There’s a lot more to it than thatโ€”including a lot of hard work. This book will help you summon the resources, persistence, and creativity needed to run a successful campaign and get you traveling as quickly as possible.

My deep appreciation goes out to the contributors who funded my Indiegogo campaign to publish this book. Thanks, guys! (Your names are in the book.)

All Unschool Adventures applicants get a free copy. You canย grab a copy for your Kindle on Amazon.

Happy holidays!




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