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What I’m Doing With My Life (Feb ’15)

Welcome to the February 2015 edition of What I’m Doing With My Life.
(Which happens to be the first and yet-only edition!)

Where I Am

South Lake Tahoe, California, where I’m house-/dog-/chicken-sitting for friends who are visiting Japan.

My friends Matt (human) and Lassen (canine) enjoying the Lake Tahoe winter

How I’m Feeling

Contemplative, a bit lost, in a transition zone, and full of potential.

What I’m Working On

  • Developing a podcast.
  • Brushing up on entrepreneurial skills with Fizzle podcasts and videos.
  • Promoting the Unschool Adventures Adventure Semester: a pilot program for my Hogwarts for Unschoolers. (On March 15th, I’ll find out if there’s sufficient interest in the program to run it.)
  • Brainstorming contingency plans in case Adventure Semester doesn’t run, which will leave me with very little income this year since I decided to take a hiatus from leading international trips and the Writing Retreat.
  • Staying in the loop (and advising) on the development of the 400 acre property that will eventually host Hogwarts.
  • Reading: The Happiness of Pursuit, Waking Up, and How We Learn.

What I’m Flaking On

My DIY Master’s—not quite sure where to go with it.

My goal of hand-writing one letter or postcard every day. I did it through January (in batches, not everyday), but it’s feeling strained.

What I’m Obsessing Over

  • Questions of place and belonging. Where should I live, and why?
  • Choosing a new creative outlet, specifically one that’s digital and scalable.
  • Caffeine: friend or foe?

How I’m Funding It All

Living off savings + book royalties. Definitely negative cash flow!

What I Could Use Help With

I’d love to conduct some informational interviews with the leaders of homeschooling / unschooling / alt-ed groups who work with lots of teens.

My main question: What kind of skills / influences / experiences would these teens benefit from, that they don’t currently have access to? 

If you know someone who might help in this regard, please drop me a line!

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