What I’m Doing With My Life (March ’15)

Welcome to the March 2015 edition of What I’m Doing With My Life.

Where I Am

Boulder, Colorado (mostly) with a few weeks of leading education workshops in Chicago, Virginia, and L.A.

IMG_0294Chicago ain’t so bad when the snow melts.

How I’m Feeling

Happy for longer, warmer days; Excited for my fall teen program which has tons of applicants; Enjoying the conversations I’ve had in developing a podcast; Still a bit lost and wandering.

What I’m Working On

  • Launching my new podcast!
  • Running multi-day leadership workshops for teen groups in Chicago and LA
  • Giving the keynote presentation at the Virginia Homeschoolers Conference.
  • Interviewing participants and recruiting staff for the Unschool Adventures Adventure Semester.
  • Leading a work party in rural northern California on the 400 acre property that will eventually host Hogwarts.
  • Planning summer backpacking trips + other adventures.
  • Reading: Education at the Edge (on the history of the Colorado Outward Bound School) and Sacred Summits (tales of John Muir)

What I’m Obsessing Over

Creating professional-sounding podcast episodes.

How I’m Funding It All

$$ from the workshops and speaking gigs.

Where I Need Help

I’d like to do more private education coaching for teens and families this summer while I’m living in South Lake Tahoe, CA. (This is done over Skype, so I can work with anyone.) What kind of package deal or special offer can I make it more enticing? I’d like to try something new. Contact me with your two cents.



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