A Love Letter to my Readers

Dearest reader,

You know me, but I probably don’t know you.

Maybe you follow my Facebook posts or email newsletters.Β Maybe you enjoy my books, articles, or podcasts. Maybe you’ve considered sending one of your kids on a trip with me.

Maybe you came to one of my talks, yet you and I never talked.

I know you’re out there. I know we’ll probably never meet. And I know that without you, I could not do what I do.

You empower me to think, write, and speak about self-directed learning. You enable me to live a non-traditional life that’s dedicated to a cause.

You share my articles, open my newsletters, buy my books, listen to my podcasts, support my crowdfunding projects, and come to my talks. You say nice things to your friends about me. In an increasingly noisy world, you give me your attention: a truly precious resource.

Kevin Kelly says that I only need 1000 true fansΒ to be successful as a creator. I don’t know how many I have, but if you count yourself among themβ€”please know you make it all possible. And if you’re just now arriving to the party, I hope you’ll stick around long enough to let me earn your trust.

Now matter who you are, thanks you for reading, caring, and being a fan.

Much love,

Blake Boles
January 2019



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