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Online Meetups for Self-Directed Teens

Since the pandemic started, I’ve been hosting online meetups for self-directed teenagers from all around the world. They’re free, fun, and casual—a great way to meet new friends.

At the moment, the meetups are paused as I focus on my microschool.

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Who are the meetups for?

Teenagers (ages 13-19) who…

  • consider themselves self-directed learners
  • come from anywhere in the world
  • want to make new friends
  • are mature enough to talk to total strangers
  • speak English (or are learning to speak English)

How do the meetups work?

  • We all meet in the big Zoom room, and I give a quick introduction to how the meetup works.
  • I randomly split everyone up into smaller (3-4 person) breakout rooms to discuss the first topic for 15 minutes. (As a small group you can talk about anything you’d like, but please give everyone a chance to respond to the topic first.)
  • We come back to the big room, and I randomly split everyone into breakout rooms again, and everyone discusses the next topic for 15 minutes.
  • We do it all again a third time!
  • Everyone comes back to the big room, I take a screenshot, and there’s a little space for final Q&A / announcements / banter before I end the call. (At this point, it’s been about an hour.)
  • If you’d like to continue chatting, join one of the “afterparty” rooms created by participants… or organize one yourself!

Why do you run these meetups, Blake?

  • Because I’ve worked with self-directed teens for more than 12 years, I think they’re awesome, and more of y’all should meet each other.
  • …and I enjoy facilitating fun meetings between strangers.
  • …and I have the time to do it right now.
  • …and, you know, pandemic.

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