How to Pack Blake’s Life Into a Subaru Forester in 12 Easy Steps

Step 1

Reduce all personal possessions to roughly a dozen boxes.

Step 2

Obtain Subaru Forester or other vehicle with back seats that fold down flat.

Step 3

Place very flat objects on bottom. Load vital business and financial documents into the center.


Step 4

Surround with books and journals.


Step 5

Insert bins of outdoor gear, kitchenware, and electronics.


Step 6

Fill crevasse with jumper cables, tripod, and emergency water.


Step 7

Add smaller items: clothes, more books, love letters, printer, toiletries.


Step 8

Place guitar behind driver’s seat. (Make it blurry for extra space.)


Step 9

Place slackline, running gear, and car stuff behind passenger seat.


Step 10

Add compressibles: bedding and sleeping bags.


Step 11

More clothes and shoes go in the front seat.


Step 12

Declare vIctory.


Full disclosure: Three personal possessions were not included—a snowboard, snowboard boots, and a duffel bag full of tree climbing equipment—but I could have made them fit if I wanted.



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