Give Blake Life Advice – Online Venture Edition


I have a lot of free time this spring and summer: February-August. (In autumn I’ll be super busy running my upcoming Hogwarts for Unschoolers pilot program, but until then, I’m open.)

I want to use some of this time to create something ONLINE that’s fun, inspiring, and interactive. This could be a podcast, video show, mini-guidebook series… I’m really open to any format. (I’ll  make Vine videos if I have to!)

I want this online-thing to challenge me, help me develop my ideas, and bring in lots of viewers. Making a little $$ would be nice too, but not mandatory.


My friend Zen thinks I should do a regular podcast on how I’m starting Hogwarts for Unschoolers. (Think “Startup” but it’s about an alternative teen semester program.)

My friend Carlos thinks I should create social media that stands up for something bold and shows that I’m the guy who understands a paradigm or set of problems.

The Unschool Adventures Nepal group helped me brainstorm an idea for an interactive show called “Challenge Accepted”, in which I issue real-world monthly challenges (e.g. “Go interview someone you admire!” or “Get rejected from something you really want!”) to an online community and then provide ongoing support via live Q&A and a forum. Also, each month I attempt the challenge myself at an extreme level.

My friend Carsie thinks that no matter what I create, I should consider using to ask for support (a few dollars a month from lots of different people) to fund my ongoing efforts.


I could road-trip around the country, meeting and interviewing leaders from the most innovative schools, camps, and programs for 14- to 19-year-olds, and turn those into some kind of content.

I could take a short-term job or volunteer position in education outside my normal realm—become a substitute teacher in a traditional public school, for example—and report on my experiences.

I could read a ton of books about learning-how-to-learn and distill them down into little online cliff-notes. (Honestly, as I write this one, it just doesn’t sound that exciting, because it doesn’t involve other people.)


If you’re reading this, then you probably know something about me and my unique situation / gifts / quirks / strengths / downfalls. Tell me: What would you do in my shoes? What’s the best opportunity to seize?

Thanks for your input! Leave your thoughts in the comments below or e-mail me directly at



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