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“Where Do You Live?”

I get asked this a lot.

The truthful answer is: Everywhere and nowhere.

I’ve solidly embraced nomadism since finishing college in December 2004. Outside of a 2-year stay in Asheville, NC in 2012-13 (and even then I traveled often), I’ve haven’t lived in one place for more than 5 continuous months.

I keep a Google Spreadsheet to remember when and where I’ve lived different places.

Here’s the record since high school:

Fall 2000 Sonoma
Winter 2000/1 Berkeley
Spring 2001 Berkeley
Summer 2001 Bakersfield
Fall 2001 Berkeley
Winter 2001/2 Berkeley
Spring 2002 Berkeley
Summer 2002 Europe, NorCal
Fall 2002 Berkeley
Winter 2002/3 Berkeley
Spring 2003 Berkeley
Summer 2003 High Sierras
Fall 2003 Berkeley
Winter 2003/4 Berkeley
Spring 2004 Berkeley
Summer 2004 High Sierras
Fall 2004 Berkeley
Winter 2004/5 Berkeley, SoCal
Spring 2005 SoCal, PCT
Summer 2005 Pennsylvania
Fall 2005 Tahoe
Winter 2005/6 Tahoe, SoCal
Spring 2006 SoCal
Summer 2006 High Sierras, Oregon
Fall 2006 San Diego, SoCal, Seattle
Winter 2006/7 Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina
Spring 2007 California (all over)
Summer 2007 High Sierras, Oregon
Fall 2007 Palo Alto, Ottawa, Tahoe
Winter 2007/8 Tahoe
Spring 2008 California (all over), San Diego
Summer 2008 High Sierras, Oregon
Fall 2008 Argentina
Winter 2008/9 Portland
Spring 2009 New Hampshire
Summer 2009 High Sierras, Oregon
Fall 2009 Oregon Coast
Winter 2009/10 Bend, Australia, New Zealand
Spring 2010 Ashland
Summer 2010 High Sierras, Palo Alto, Oregon
Fall 2010 Ashland
Winter 2010/11 Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Peru
Spring 2011 India
Summer 2011 Tahoe, Oregon
Fall 2011 Durango
Winter 2011/12 Asheville
Spring 2012 Argentina, Asheville
Summer 2012 Asheville, Tahoe, Oregon
Fall 2012 Vermont, Massachusetts
Winter 2012/13 Asheville
Spring 2013 New Zealand, Asheville, Peru
Summer 2013 Asheville, California, Oregon
Fall 2013 Maine, Asheville
Winter 2013/14 SF Bay Area, Connecticut, Amsterdam, Madrid
Spring 2014 Argentina
Summer 2014 SF Bay Area
Fall 2014 Nepal, Santa Cruz
Winter 2014/15 SF Bay Area, Boulder

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